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Use of frontend4business
Route Planning

These notes are aimed primarily at users with basic licences. Fig1 deals with setting up and requires a Mangers licence or higher to access.

Frontend4business can compile the information necessary to drive WEB based routing from any databases connected.


Fig1 - Route Planner setup is a favourite view in Users Settings

Database field names containing routable information are entered into the Value field as comma separated lists as shown.

Using Route Planning Features

As tabs are loaded the visible field names are compared against the routable information to enable/disable the toolbar button "Get Route" (the globe in the middle).There are a number of methods of obtaining a route from your Start location.

Fig2 - Selecting a line and pressing the Get Route button will fire of your web browser showing your route. If there are more than one field with ZIP/Postcode information in the row your route will include Vias working from left to right. If you do not have a line selected and press the Get Route button f4b examines the displayed lines compiling a route until the MaxVias value is reached then launches your web browser to show the route.

Fig3 - Pressing the toolbar button "Add to Basket" results in a "Route Basket" Tab being added to your activity, the routing data from your selected record is added to the basket. You may select data from several tabs around your database to build up the route basket. You may also edit the route basket adding add hoc ZIP codes etc. Pressing the Get Route button while viewing the Route basket results in your web browser being launched showing the lines as Vias.

Fig4 - Adding to existing routes. "Existing Routes" is a favourite view on the RouteBasket. When displayed the vias selected as above are shown within the existing routes. Clicking the toolbar Edit button allows the nearest route to be selected. By filtering to the route then pressing the Get Route button the additional mileage can be established.

Fig5 - Editing and adding Existing Routes. Enter the desired Route name in the filter, press the Edit button then the Add Record Button. Edit the new line produced as shown. When finished press the Done Edit button. Pressing the Clear Basket button will remove just the lines you entered via the add to basket.



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