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Presentation by Dennis Hyatt to the Progress User Group (25.04.2012 15:30)

Presentation Outline

  • There will be a short Powerpoint presentation covering the quantity and organisation of SQL statements in a typical application (no more than 8 slides). An environment for creating and managing the use of such SQL against a PROGRESS database will be described.
  • An implementation of the environment will be shown by connecting to a database and creating a Data Access Layer using a range of SQL statements against that database. The SQL produced will include single and multi table SELECT queries, aggregating queries, and queries that include sub queries. These queries can then be made available for users to navigate and report on the database. A basic Business Logic Layer using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE and DROP statements will be written and run. A .NET interface will be used to create and tie the layers together.
  • Questions and answers.

The target audience is application developers though the presentation will be pitched at a technical level such that system administrators would also see the reporting and management potential of the environment.


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