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Price List and features

Rapid Application Development System

Lite (RRP £175, Agent price £100 Per Seat)

  1. Drill into Any Supplied Queries or Views
  2. Edit Data using Grid and/or Forms Provided
  3. Use any supplied Drill Down capabilities
  4. Manual export of WorkSheets and WorkBooks to EXCEL
  5. Document Management

Administrator/Site registration (RRP £280, Agent Price £280)

  1. Manage user access. What users see and what they can do with what they see.
  2. Add/Edit Views and Queries
  3. Add/Edit Activities
  4. Add/Edit User Groups
  5. Analyse Views and Queries creating new Drill downs
  6. Add build queries to the data cache.
  7. Scheduler

Site Licence (From £4000)

  1. Add new database connections
  2. Create and run action queries
  3. Build action queries into form events (VB,JAVA)
  4. Add your own Forms.
  5. Add and apply your own business rules
  6. Back door key for sites





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