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f4b Administrator/Advanced User Seminar

Presentation Outline

The primary aim of this seminar is to provide an outline in the use of the SQL SELECT query design tools of the Administrator/Advanced User licences. Basic users can manipulate the Activities and Views provided, changing the SELECTed field list, WHERE, ORDER BY and GROUP BY (aggregate) clauses. The Advanced User can manipulate the FROM clause thus allowing them to create their own Views and Activities from any data in the database.

Rollup queries/views

These are at the heart of database applications. They are what drive Management/Business Information systems (Dashboards rely on them); they provide the tactical information to make decisions for basic users and the summary information needed by customers and suppliers in the form of Key Performance Indicators.

Getting Rollups right means accurate information quickly, that it is what this seminar is about.

Getting a workable specification dramatically reduces the time and cost of new development, that is what this seminar is about.

All notes are available from the f4b help system.

Who should attend:

  • Anybody that needs an overview of creating Rollup queries. This could be people wanting to use, for example, MSQuery/EXCEL for presenting management summary information
  • Anybody wanting to use Rollup queries to create their own drill down activities within MultiStat/MultiStock/f4b
  • Anybody wanting to influence the future development of these products

Session1: Introduction to the concepts behind f4b

  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Open source/proprietary
  • Real time data

Session2: The use of f4b SELECT Query design tools

  • Aliasing Views
  • Joins (INNER, OUTER, CROSS, UNION, others)
  • Views v Subqueries
  • Normalisation/De-normalisation
  • Writing a Rollup Query as an Activity and Caching
  • Summary of Developer/Site Licences
  • Connecting to SEQUEL and MYSQL databases

Session3: Future Developments/Questions and answers

  • Road Map
  • Tablets and other mobiles
  • Rules Engine


f4b Administrator/Advanced User Seminar
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